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Minecraft Tales on youtube

2011-12-17 21:25:48 by DeadExile

The trailer of my minecraft series is on youtube now. go watch or suffer the consequences! 6mag&list=UUZC19pHFKPx8ff71bAo8cuw&fea ture=plcp

Minecraft Tales on youtube

this is the work flow of my new creature/cyborg thing...enjoy

new arty farty pic in the works..kinda like my old one... only more alien

looky looky armor is almost done...sorta

Character is finnaly coming together

This guy came and shat in your hat.

Oh the night you said my wife was fat...

Yay... a main charicter

2010-11-15 22:01:39 by DeadExile

Starting on my Main character for a professional level 3d animation
So far all i have done as far as naming him goes is "Major Alex....something"

Yay... a main charicter

The Intrepid Adventures Of The Star Tards

2010-10-13 02:35:51 by DeadExile

It's my new cartoon...actually it's my first cartoon, remember i stick to 3d.. IT'S FREAKING EASIER!

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The first character i am working on for my new professional level 3d animation. modeling about 60% done

The Alien First Character for Professional level 3d animation

Holy smokin turkey shite, an actual video

2010-09-23 08:16:35 by DeadExile

Skully's Bad Day

Holy smokin turkey shite, an actual video

alot has changed since the last post, im in uni now and i have switched all my 3d know how from 3ds Max 2009 to autodesk Maya 2011

finnaly a new charicter...with out a head yeat

Now he's a commander

2010-05-31 12:12:36 by DeadExile

alien characters side about 1/3 done now

Now he's a commander